Aaaargghh Spider!

Aaaargghh Spider!

Spiders aren't everyone's idea of a family pet, but perhaps we're all getting lonely enough during lockdown to start talking to minibeasts, or at least taking time to notice how interesting they can be. Lydia Monk's Aaaargh Spider is a funny story that helps us see the world from a spider's point of view!

Make Your Own Pet Spider

Depending on what craft supplies you've got at home, there are lots of ways to make spiders, which look fabulous. However, with small children, I often find that the best tactic is to keep arts and crafts really simple, for the following reasons:

More on Spiders

There's a spider on my knee, on my knee x3
...and it's very tickly
There's a spider on my knee, on my knee

...on my arm/it won't do any harm
...on my toes/and now it's on my nose!
...on my head, I think I'll go back to bed!

Can you think of any more rhymes for body parts?

Have fun making friends with minibeasts!